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Give Your Car a Spa-Like Treatment with Burdys Auto Details Services in Woodinville WA:

Buying cars is a hefty investment. This is why reliable auto detailing service providers like  Burdys Auto Detail are available to help you preserve your vehicle for years. Our car detailing goes beyond cosmetics. From vacuuming to washing, polishing, paint correction, interior cleaning, and more, our services provide in-depth treatment to enhance your car's visual appeal and longevity. 

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We understand the inconvenience of taking your car to a physical location for detailing, which is why we offer mobile auto detailing services. Burdys Auto Detail has a highly qualified team serving in and around Woodinville WA, who understand all vehicles, no matter their age and make. We will come to you well-equipped with all the necessary products and equipment and give your vehicle a thorough clean inside out tailored to your preferences and your car’s needs.




Auto Detailing Services by Burdys Auto Detail

Are you searching for professional auto detailing in Woodinville, WA? Hire Burdys Auto Detail rather than looking elsewhere. Be it your car, boat, RV, etc. our detailing services cater to all and ensure top-grade results as we use expert-recommended products and tools.

Ceramic Coating:

Unlike traditional coatings and sealants, Burdys Auto Detail’s ceramic coating offers advanced protection to your car’s paint. Our coatings serve as an effective barrier against harsh elements like dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc hence ensuring a stunning look and long-lasting protection.

Boat Detailing:

Issues such as exposure to the sun, mold, mildew, waterline deposits, bad odor, etc can take a toll on your boat. By hiring our boat detailing services, our technicians will address all issues in your vessel ranging from chalky appearance to corrosion, rust, damaged upholstery, etc, and restore its shine and make it ready for marine use again.

RV Detailing:

Dirt, grime, fading, and oxidation can make your RV look dull. Let our exceptional RV detailing services help. Our polishing, waxing, and other techniques will improve your vehicle’s appearance, value, and functionality, and ensure enjoyable travels.  

Car Detailing:

Burdys Auto Detail’s car detailing goes beyond the surface. Ranging from washing to polishing, paint correction, glass cleaning, interior detailing, and more our services will give your vehicle a makeover inside out.

Fleet Cleaning:

Burdys Auto Detail’s fleet cleaning services ensure every vehicle in your fleet shines bright and makes a statement. Whether transportation, construction or any other business, our team thoroughly cleans your vehicles. So, don’t let dirt, road residue, grime, etc ruin your ride, as our expert methods ensure your car’s functionality and visual appeal are optimized.

Years Of Experience:

Our 24/7 available team has years of experience and has handled all types of vehicles. We pay careful attention to every step so that your car gets the treatment it deserves.

Use High-Quality Products and Tools:

We don’t invest in subpar materials and methods but rather use expert-recommended ones. Our tools and products won’t damage your vehicle but show zero tolerance for dirt, grime, mold, bad odor, and other contaminants that are damaging your ride.

Flexible Scheduling and Mobile Detailing:

We at Burdys Auto Detail understand the inconveniences of car detailing in physical locations such as long waits, which is why we offer mobile detailing services. Moreover, we also offer flexible scheduling options, so that your daily routine isn’t disrupted.

Affordable Rates:

Everyone deserves to have a pristine and optimally functioning vehicle that elevates your drive; hence we offer our services at affordable rates but ensure top-quality workmanship.

Customized Services:

We don’t believe in a one-shoe-size-fits-all approach, so we offer personalized solutions that are in line with your preferences, your budget, and your vehicle’s requirements.


What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of a vehicle to bring it back to its top shape. It includes washing and drying, paint claying, polishing, waxing or sealing, vacuuming, scrubbing, brushing, glass cleaning, leather trimming, perfuming, etc all aimed at rejuvenating your vehicle.

Can car detailing remove scratches and swirl marks from the paint?

Yes, car detailing technique paint correction can eliminate scratches, swirl marks, and other damages. Professionals like us use polishing products and compounds that will restore the pristine condition of your car’s paint.

How long does car detailing take?

Basic detailing takes a few hours, whereas a comprehensive one takes around two days. Moreover, it also depends on the size of the vehicle, the type of detail requested, and the type of products and methods used.

What is the difference between car washing and car detailing?

Car washing is basic cleaning that involves removing dirt and grime, but not scratches, and deep stains. This is where car detailing comes, which involves washing, paint correction, polishing, glass cleaning, etc to eliminate deeper issues and restore your vehicle inside out.

How often should I get my car detailed?

It depends on how much wear and tear you put on it and how often you wash and wax it. According to experts, it should be done every four to six months or two to three times a year.

How much does car detailing cost?

The cost of car detailing depends on the size and the condition of the vehicle. Moreover, it depends on the detailing requested by the client, and the pricing structure of the company. Basic car detailing costs a few hundred. The detailed or comprehensive ones cost several hundred or more.

Mobile Car Detailing Service Areas

We don’t just stop in Woodinville! We service Woodinville and surrounding areas: Here is a list of our most popular mobile detailing areas near Woodinville, WA:

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