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Get Professional Fleet Detailing Done at your location with Burdys Auto Detail. Our services include complete detail, wash & wax, vacuuming and advanced protection to keep your fleet looking its best for longer.

Dealerships and Fleets Welcome. Get Professional Detailing Done at your location with Burdys Auto Detail.

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Project Overview: At Carvana we are able to detail upwards of 25 vehicles per day to keep their reconditioning line going, allowing their team to focus on more high-priority tasks such as vehicle delivery and sales.
Project Overview: We work with dealership clients like Tesla, and have fully dedicated teams to accommodate and staff any project. This includes loaner cars detailing, white label detailing, and brand new vehicle prep.
Project Overview: Burdys Auto Detail took on a hefty task for Toyota restoring 90 used trade-in cars in 2 weeks, our team handled everything from paint correction to polishing. The Result? Stunning vehicles with boosted resale value.

Dealership & Fleet Cleaning

We set up a dedicated detail team for your dealership by staffing your business with our expert technicians.

We set up dedicated detail teams for your dealership or business by staffing your business with our skilled technicians. Plus, every detail is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring perfection every time.

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Partnered with Industry Leaders

Get Professional Fleet Detailing Done at your location with Burdys Auto Detail. We specialize in ceramic coatings, polishing, and detailing with advanced protection to keep your fleet looking its best for longer. We detail all kinds of vehicles.

Fleet Cleaning

We set up full-on dedicated detail teams by staffing your business with our skilled technicians.

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Professional Fleet Cleaning Services in Woodinville

Burdys Auto Detail is Woodinville premier fleet cleaning company, serving the Northwest for years. We provide thorough detailing services for your equipment and our team takes pride in their work and pays attention to every surface of your commercial vehicles to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Interior Cleaning Services for Your Fleet

In addition to exterior detailing, we also offer interior cleaning services such as a full wipe down, double vacuuming, window cleaning, and plastic protection. We can also clean and treat upholstery and leather, remove pet hair, and remove stains and odors from carpets and mats.

Wholesale Discounts for Fleet Cleaning Services

For businesses with two or more vehicles, we offer a wholesale discount of 5% off the total price. If you have more than five fleet vehicles, the discount is doubled at 10% off. For larger fleets of over 10 vehicles, please call us at (425) 361-3003 to discuss pricing further.

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Burdys Auto Detail is open Monday through Sunday from 8am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Contact us today to schedule your fleet cleaning service and see the difference for yourself. We offer a free quote and strive to do it right the first time. Call 425-361-3003 to get started.


What is fleet cleaning, and why is it important for businesses?

Fleet cleaning refers to the professional cleaning and maintenance of a company's fleet of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and buses. It is essential for businesses to maintain a clean and professional-looking fleet to uphold their brand image, ensure compliance with industry regulations, and prolong the lifespan of their vehicles

What services are included in fleet cleaning?

Fleet cleaning services typically include exterior washing, interior cleaning, waxing, polishing, tire dressing, window cleaning, and detailing of various vehicle components. Additional services such as upholstery cleaning, stain removal, and odor elimination may also be offered based on your needs

What types of vehicles can be included in fleet cleaning services?

Fleet cleaning services cater to a wide range of vehicles, including company cars, delivery trucks, commercial vans, shuttle buses, and more. Whether you have a small fleet of vehicles or a large fleet comprising various types of vehicles, professional fleet cleaning services can accommodate your needs

Can fleet cleaning services be customized to suit my business requirements?

Yes, professional fleet cleaning services can be customized to meet your business's specific needs and preferences. Whether you require one-time cleaning for special events or regular maintenance for your fleet, reputable detailing companies can tailor their services to accommodate your schedule and budget

How often should fleet vehicles be cleaned?

The frequency of fleet cleaning depends on various factors, including the type of vehicles, their usage, and the nature of your business. Generally, fleet vehicles should be cleaned regularly to maintain their appearance and functionality. A customized cleaning schedule can be tailored to your specificrequirements and preferences

How does fleet cleaning benefit my business?

Fleet cleaning offers several benefits to businesses, including enhancing brand image and professionalism, improving employee morale and productivity, ensuring compliance with safety and hygiene standards, extending the lifespan of fleet vehicles, and minimizing repair and maintenance costs.



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