How Much Does Car Detailing Cost?

Want to give your car a new look and make it shine again? Hire professional detailers. But how much does car detailing cost? At Burdy's Auto Detail, we're upfront about our car detailing prices, because we want you to be able to make informed decisions. 

Car Detailing Costs: What Factors Affect the Costs of Car Detailing

The cost of car detailing isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on a few important things:

Car Detailing Service Type: A simple car detailing near me (wash and wax) will cost a lot less than a full-service detailing that includes tackling the inside and out, and the engine. Make sure you pick a package that fits with the requirements of your car.

Location: Depending on where you live, auto detailing prices near me can change. Costs for detailing services in big cities are likely to be higher because of things like labor and operational expenses.

The Condition of Your Car: A clean car that only needs a few touch-ups will cost less than a dirty car that needs a deep clean. Heavily dirty cars may need more cleaning or repair work, which may affect the overall price.

Average Costs for Different Detailing Services

To give you a better idea, here is a list of how much different detailing services usually cost:

Basic Wash and Wax: For $50 to $100, this service includes a full wash of the outside of your car and waxing to protect the paint and bring back its shine.

Full-Service Detailing: You can expect to pay between $150 and $500 for a full-service cleaning. This will rely on the services you choose, the size and condition of your car, and the services included. It usually includes a wash, wax, thorough cleaning of the interior, degreasing of the engine, and protective treatments like clay bar or paint sealant application.

Engine Cleaning: This service can be added to a full detail or offered separately, and it usually costs between $50 and $100. It includes cleaning and degreasing your car's engine bay gets rid of built-up dirt and makes it look better.

The Clay Bar Treatment: This process removes dirt and grime from the body of your car. This method usually costs between $50 and $100. Usually, it's done as part of a full-service detail job.

Paint Sealant: Investing in a paint sealant, which usually costs between $100 and $200 (not including a full detail), will protect your car's paint from the environmental elements for a longer time.

Paint Correction: Paint correction is a useful service for getting rid of scratches and swirl marks. Depending on how bad the damage is, the price can be anywhere from $300 to $1,000.

Ceramic Coating: Protect your car's shine with ceramic coating services from Burdy's Auto Detail. Our advanced treatments will protect your car against scratches, fading, and harsh elements for a long time.

How to Choose the Best Car Detailer

Since there are many choices for car detailing services, picking the right one is very important. Take a look at these suggestions:

Experience and Reputation: Choose a detailer who has a track record of delivering top-quality work and has years of experience in the field.

Services Offered: Make sure that the detailing package includes all the services you need. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get more information.

Reasonable Prices: Compare prices and make sure you're getting a good deal by getting quotes from a few detailers in your area, whether they offer mobile car detailing near me prices.

Customer Service: You should hire a detailer who puts your needs first and listens to your worries.

Top-Tier Equipment and Products: Using high-quality products and tools will make sure that your car is thoroughly cleaned and protected.

The Takeaway

Car detailing is a worthwhile investment that protects your car's worth, brings back its beauty, and makes it last longer. You can make informed decisions if you know what affects detailing prices (including car detailing cost per hour). We at Burdy's Auto Detail have the knowledge, high-quality products, and state-of-the-art tools to provide excellent car detailing services at reasonable costs. Call us right now to get a free quote, and we'll make your car shine!

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